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Summerfield is a town in Guilford County, North Carolina. The population of the town is 10,232.

Summerfield North Carolina
Incorporated 1979
Motto "Respectful of the Past; Focused on the Future"
County Guilford
Population 10,232
Elevation 909 ft (277 m)
Mayor Landon Giles
ZIP code 27358


As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the racial composition of the town is:

89.60% White (9,168)

4.08% Other (417)

3.20% Hispanic or Latino (327)

3.13% Black or African American (320)

1.2% (122) of Summerfield residents live below the poverty line.

Theft rate statistics

Summerfield has low to average rates of Pokemon theft and murder. The town reported 5 Pokemon thefts in 2019, and averages 1.36 murders a year.


See the Guilford County page for more info.

Fun facts

  • As development has grown, the town has slowly transformed from a rural farming area into a bedroom community.
  • Summerfield has little amenities to offer. All it has is dollar stores, a Subway, a Food Lion, Walgerens, CVS, a bit of public battle fields, a sports complex, a few auto parts places, a few local restaurants and businesses, Papa John's Pizza, Mama Ginna's, an antique store, a community park, Meylor Field, and not much else.